What is the L2L Scholarship?

The L2L Scholarship is an award of financial aid designed to help students who participate in the program further their education at Christian universities. Scholarships are provided by the universities to students upon the recommendation of the L2L scholarship committee. The amounts of the scholarships vary and are decided by the universities.

Academics are important, but this is not solely an academic scholarship. Many other factors, including the number of years involved in the program, leadership service within the church, school and community, and special awards and achievements, are considered before scholarships are awarded. Students who receive L2L scholarships serve on the National Leadership Team, are L2L ambassadors at their universities, serve on the collegiate staff and work at the annual conventions while attending college.

If you have any questions about the L2L Scholarship, please contact the scholarship coordinator, Brenda Johnson, by emailing or calling (334) 215-0251.