Official Event Rulebook

2020 Event Rulebook is now available!  If you have questions about specific events, please email or call us at (334) 215-0251.


The Official Event Rulebook has been updated to include all of the changes and additions for the 2020 convention! Click here to download the 2020 version of the Event Rulebook, Entry Forms, Evaluation Forms, and Log Sheets.

There have been changes to many events - some minor and some major. Please review the rules for ALL events in which students are participating so that you can be sure that everything is current. These events need to be reviewed closely due to the changes made to them:

  • Bible Bowl

  • Debate

  • Good Samaritan

  • Scrapbook

  • Host/Hostess

  • Mass Media PowerPoint

  • Read the Word

  • Year-Round Bible Reading/Study


Red Coat Award  (APPLICATION)


Please discard any previous versions of the convention event rulebook. The file is large and may take a few minutes to download to your computer. You can then save it and print it as needed. Please feel free to share it with anyone in your congregation who needs it.

*In order for the rulebook to download properly, you must have the most current version of Adobe Reader. Click here and follow the instructions to update your Adobe Reader software.