New L2L Materials Sampler Available

If you are interested in class curriculum or leadership materials, check out our new L2L Materials Sampler.  It includes sample chapters from our Junior Leader, Pearls, and Field Book of Leadership books.  It is available as a free download from our online store or we will have printed copies with us when we are promoting L2L at lectureships, youth rallies, etc.  Contact us if you have questions about any of the materials that we offer.

2018 Convention Materials Now Available!

You can start preparing for the 2018 convention today! The 2018 Pearls study book, "Faith is the Victory," and 2018 Bible Bundle on the books of 1 & 2 Corinthians, are available for purchase at our online store

Think before you pack!

Think before you pack for convention!

L2L is not the place for shorts, miniskirts, spandex, low cut dresses, or pants that are falling off. 

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." (Romans 12:1-2, NKJV)

Please think before you pack for convention and plan your wardrobe appropriately. The best way we have heard it stated is, "If you have to ask if something is immodest, then it is."

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,
Roy Johnson, L2L Executive Director

Bible Bowl & Pearls Tests

For those taking the Bible Bowl and/or Pearls tests, the information sheets, blank answer sheets, and tests will be posted to the Tests page of our registration system late in the day on February 14.  Testing will be open from February 15-27.  All completed answer sheets must be mailed to the coordinator for your convention (addresses on the information sheets) and be postmarked no later than February 27.  It is OK to mail them sooner to avoid delays and problems due to weather or other issues.

Remember, there will not be any questions on Job chapters 15-31 on the test or at convention.

Important Deadlines on Feb. 6!

Convention registration, Mass Media submissions, scholarship applications, shirt pre-orders all due by February 6!

The absolute deadline for convention registration is February 6, 2017.  The registration system will be turned off first thing on the Feb. 7. The deadline was extended this year to give everyone a little extra time to get registered and to not have to submit as many requests for changes or additions after the deadline.  Please be sure to have everything finalized and registered by the Feb. 6.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Feb. 6 is the LAST day to complete registration, not the ONLY day to do it.  It is advisable to complete everything earlier than that date so that you have time to double-check everything. You can run a Student Event Participation Report and have the parents or students verify that everything is accurate. The Adult Event and Judging Report will show all that you have adults registered to participate in and/or judge. It is important that registration is accurate and complete by Feb. 6. If you wait until the last day to enter everything, you won’t have time to get it all verified.

Remember that Year-Round events have a verification in the registration system that must be done in order to complete the registration for those events. That must be completed by Feb. 6.  All Mass Media entries must be uploaded to the registration system by Feb. 6.  

Scholarship applications must be completed by Feb. 6.  This year, it is an online form that is completed and submitted directly to L2L. The additional items that are required – lists of events/awards, recommendation letters, etc. – are to be sent as email attachments to via email by Feb. 6. 

February 6 is also the last day that you can pre-order convention t-shirts in the registration system to pick up at convention or order them online to have them mailed to you. If there are any Special Edition Pink shirts still available after Feb. 6, they will be available at convention as supplies last. To be sure to get one, order it online today!

Convention Registration Opens Dec. 3

Registration for the 2017 Convention opens Saturday, Dec. 3 at 8 a.m. (CST).  Please make note of all of the important deadlines that can be found on the L2L website. We have a new registration tutorial video on our website that may be helpful to those who are new to the registration system. Check it out if you need help, or email the National Service Center at any time. We also have videos about several events to help with both the student participation and adult judging.

Group Leaders, if you have not called or emailed for your password yet, please contact the National Service Center as soon as possible.  Note that the passwords are case sensitive this year, and they will include a combination of lower and upper case letter, numbers, and special symbols.


For groups in Louisville, Memphis, and Nashville, remember that if you have room blocks, you MUST request those rooms by January 8, 2017.  On January 9, 2017, all un-requested rooms will be released into the overall pool of rooms for anyone to request.  They are only yours if you request them in the registration system by January 8, 2017.


One of the foundational principles of Lads to Leaders (L2L) has always been to encourage everyone to do their best in all that they do - to give 100% effort no matter what it is. Whether it is a young man practicing his song leading skills, a young lady preparing a speech, or a group helping an elderly person with their yardwork, our desire is for everyone to always give 100%. God is to always get the glory for any successes, but we must each do our part to work hard and always give our best effort. 

This thought prompted the idea to GIVE100! We want to encourage as many as are able to donate $100 to L2L. Some may want to give more, and some may only be able to give less. But any amount will be appreciated and used to advance the L2L program. As the end of the year approaches, we are working on plans to do more for our young people with technology updates from apps to study aids to enhanced audio/visual and technology at our conventions. 

There are several ways to give to L2L:

  • Text the code l2l100 to the number 50155. You will receive a reply asking how much you want to give. The next reply will have a link to a secure site to enter your credit card information. It's that simple.
  • Go to our website and click the Donate link on the main menu. Complete the form on that page.
  • Go to our online store and click the Donate link from the list across the top of the page. Choose the amount to give and complete the checkout process.
  • Mail a check to the L2L National Service Center and denote GIVE100 in the memo field. 

Another thing that we would encourage is to be a regular donor to L2L. We currently have about 12 individuals and congregations that give each month - ranging from $50 to $300 each. Through either of the first two options above, you can set up a recurring donation so that you can give automatically on a regular basis. Or, if you use a bill pay service, you can set it up to have a check mailed each month.

Whichever option you choose, know that the money will be used to make the L2L program better and stronger than ever as we strive to do what is best for our young people. Please call or email at any time if you have any questions about this or anything else related to L2L.

Thank you, and may God continue to bless all of our efforts to train up our children in the way that they should go.

2017 Pearls: The Lord Has Done This (also available in Spanish!)

The 2017 Pearls study on the books of Esther, Job and Ruth is available in our online store! This study book has been created in partnership with Apologetics Press, and is also available in Spanish! Contact us if you would like to receive a free sample of the Spanish Pearls.

This year’s Pearls book has also been translated into Romanian.  This has been done the last couple of years to support a small convention in Romania that is put on by a group doing mission work there.

2017 Bible Bowl: Esther, Ruth, Job - UPDATED: All involved with Bible Bowl should read this, please.

If you haven’t purchased your 2017 convention materials for Bible Bowl yet, visit our online store today to get them and give your students plenty of time to study and prepare for the test in mid-February. 

In preparation for the Bible Bowl Test and the Bible Bowl Team event at convention, note that there will be no questions from chapters 15-31 of Job.  Chapters 4-14 are the first rounds of speeches between Job and his friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar.  Chapters 15-31 are the second and thirds rounds of this “back-and-forth” between Job and his friends. Since a lot of this is similar within the discussions, we will only have questions from the “first round” in chapters 4-14. Only chapters 15-31 will be exempted from the test and team event. We still encourage the students to study these chapters to get the full scope of the book of Job. To summarize, questions for the test and convention will come from all of Ruth and Esther, as well as chapters 1-14 and 32-42 of Job.

Newest L2L Employee: Todd Kempton

Todd Kempton has joined the Lads to Leaders (L2L) national staff as the organization’s first full-time Texas-based employee, announced executive director Roy Johnson. Kempton will be a field representative responsible for cultivating relationships with new and existing L2L groups in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri.

Kempton is a life-long member of the church of Christ and serves as a deacon at the Whitehouse Church of Christ in Tyler, Tex., where Jay Lockhart serves as pulpit minister. Kempton has an extensive ministry background, having been in full-time ministry over youth and education and serving as an associate minister for 15 years. He has been to more than 20 countries on mission efforts. Kempton also serves as secretary on the board of directors for the French Africa Christian Education Foundation.

“We are excited about the talents and perspective Todd will bring to Lads to Leaders,” said Johnson. “His experience in business and ministry make him an excellent addition to L2L."

Prior to his employment with L2L, Kempton was a radiology department manager for a hospital in Tyler, Tex. He is a graduate of Harding University with degrees in Bible, marketing and management. He and his wife, Kenna, have two children, Brittney and Brayden. 

Kempton may be contacted at (903) 571-4304 or