new location for 2020:

Silver Spring CHurch of Christ

100 East Franklin Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20901

Convention date:

May 1-2, 2020

This first year for the Mid-Atlantic convention will be a limited-event, one-day convention. The events will take place on Saturday, May 2 with an orientation on Friday evening May 1 for those who arrive in time. The final details and events are still being decided. Keep a watch on this page, as well as our Facebook page, for details as they are finalized.

Click below for:

2019 Visalia Convention program


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2019 L2L Annual Yearbook!

Pre-Convention Events

All Mass Media entries will be submitted through a file upload process directly on our website. The deadline for uploading files is February 2, 2020, so please get them uploaded early in case you have any problems. Please do not wait until the last day to upload the files. We recommend you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser when uploading files. Please limit all files to a maximum size of 60 MB. If you have any issues call or email the National Service Center.  For a detailed description of the file upload process click here.  To go to the file upload page Click here.


Scholarship applications must be completed by February 2, 2020. Go to the Scholarship page to access the online application.


Hotel Information

All groups will be on their own for accommodations until our attendance is large enough to move to a hotel/convention center facility.