Q: How do I find out more information about L2L?

A: You can either call us at (334) 215-0251 or roy@lads2leaders.com.

 Q: What are the benefits of using L2L at a congregation?

 A: While there are many tools to help parents and congregations in training such as youth events, Christian camps and Christian Universities, these events apply to a specified time or age group. There is a need for a year-round, Bible-based program that will leave no child behind. L2L supplies these year-round, spiritual development events and activities. Nowhere else can you find everything that L2L provides for your congregation.

Q: What sets L2L apart from other leadership training programs?

A: With over 50 years of proven results, L2L is the oldest and largest youth and adult training program in the Churches of Christ.

This is not just a “youth” program. The whole family—and even the whole church—can participate, not just watch. It brings churches closer together by crossing generation lines.

Results! Educators say an L2L trained youth is easily spotted, because of their advanced public speaking and leadership skills. Students trained in an L2L program have confidence, deep spiritual knowledge, and the desire to be a servant for the Lord, and it shows!

We offer programs and support materials for all ages—kindergarten through adults. Sound, Biblical authors address current issues facing our youth and adults.

We provide training workshops for your local congregation either by zoom, teleconferencing, or in person.

L2L events are divided into two categories. Year-round events completed at the home congregation and convention events. Pre-convention events are completed shortly before convention.

Meaningful, year-round events, like Teach to Teach (a teacher training program), Second Language and Good Samaritan, instill in participants a commitment to their local church ministries. We believe that if you get them involved in church ministries at a young age, they will be involved for the rest of their lives!

Friday Award Ceremonies at convention mainly recognize Year-Round achievements in the local church. Saturday Awards Ceremonies at convention recognize achievements in convention events like Bible Bowl. On Sunday Morning, we hold a traditional worship service under the oversight of a local eldership where we honor God, not ourselves.

Q: What is the difference between L2L Bible Bowl and other Bible bowls?

A: Like L2L, many Bible bowl programs provide questions to study; however, L2L also provides a deeper study of the Bible bowl book each year. It is possible for a youth to win a local or national Bible bowl but not connect the dots or understand the important messages of the scriptures. We have created a yearly Bible curriculum to combat this problem. It is called the Pearls study series..

Each year, 13 sound authors are chosen to write on important subjects from the Bible bowl book. Students and adults can use and adapt this material as a class study or homeschool study. Our Pearls study on Acts includes topics like Singing God’s Way by Tom Holland. There have been yearly Pearls studies since 2004. These are available for purchase. You can see them here.

Q: Is there a fee for a training workshop to help get our congregation started in L2L?

 A: No, there is no fee for a workshop. Training adults and youth at a congregation is essential. Zoom and conference calls are more economical ways to achieve workshop training where possible. Workshops are a service provided by the National Service Center for your local congregation. Reimbursement for travel related expenses is appreciated.

Q: Is it the parents’ jobs to train youth?

A:  Absolutely! The number one job of parents is training their youth. Some children are blessed to have preachers, song leaders or skilled educators as parents. Many others have parents who themselves have never been taught leadership skills and feel inadequate at church and secular work. While they love their children, they cannot teach that which they do not know. Just as the early church supported and trained each other, the church today has a responsibility to train each other as well.

Q: Who is responsible for the spiritual content of the materials?

A: Every eldership is responsible for its own flock and no other. This biblical responsibility cannot be delegated to any other eldership, school, or publication. While we appreciate endorsements and positive reviews, take time to review our materials. The ultimate responsibility is always with the local eldership. We will gladly send a complimentary copy of any of our materials for review by an eldership.

Q: How do girls participate in L2L?

A: The girls’ aspect of the program includes teaching girls to speak, lead singing, and otherwise lead within the parameters of a woman’s role in the church (1 Corinthians 14:34), such as teaching young children at VBS and in Bible school, as well as other women at ladies’ days and in ladies’ classes. Keepers and GIFTS are two year-round events provided exclusively for girls. Girls’ events allow young girls to become adept at filling their scriptural role, develop confidence, and leadership skills.

Q: Why are males not allowed in the event rooms at the convention when young ladies are giving speeches or leading songs?

A: Males are not allowed in the young ladies’ event rooms at convention in order to prevent any miscommunication concerning women’s roles in the church. These events are designed to train girls for service in the church. Recordings of these events allow those not in the room to view the event later.

Q: What is the need for a national convention?

A: It establishes a deadline for completing work. Otherwise, we all find ourselves not getting “around tuit.” The highlight of the year for many groups is the annual convention. Thousands gather to recognize the accomplishments of the past year and encourage future growth. Most of the work has taken place at the home congregation, but some events, such as Bible Bowl and Speech, are held at convention.

It recognizes and encourages. Over 100,000 awards are presented each year.

It raises the bar. Top-level young speakers and song leaders become role models for others.

It is spiritually uplifting. Thousands of boys and girls strive to learn better how to serve Christ. Events like Bartimaeus uplift us all as we see special needs adults and youth serve the Lord.

Q: Why are most of the national convention sites held Easter weekend?

A: There is no religious significance to the annual convention being on Easter weekend. It is scheduled then to utilize the holiday from school that many students have, as well as reduced rates at hotels and convention centers. We have other US and International sites that meet on other dates.

Q: What ages can participate in L2L?

A: All ages can participate, youth and adults.

Q: Why should adults participate?

A: We lead by example not by coercion. It is inconsistent when we expect our youth to read the Bible, memorize scripture, and do Good Samaritan acts while we scroll social media. Adults should continue to grow spiritually just as youth do. Youth are looking to see if adults are reading their Bibles, memorizing scripture, and doing benevolent works.

Q: Why is Sunday morning worship held at the national convention?

A: Thousands of Christians are gathered together, and most are many miles from their home congregations. Travelers can “break bread” together and lift up their voices in praise to God in a traditional worship environment. For many, this will be largest gathering of Christians they have ever seen. It is good for our youth to see that they are not alone in being part of the body of Christ.

Q: Who oversees the Sunday morning worship service?

A: At each convention site, a local eldership oversees the worship service. These elders select and organize the worship service participants. Those who organize the worship service interview and carefully select baptized Christian young men who have demonstrated their abilities in song leading, speaking, and serving the Lord’s Supper to serve on Sunday morning. Seeing them lead the worship service is uplifting. It is also an experience that these young men will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Q: How is L2L funded?

A: 60% of our operating income comes from convention fees. 32% comes from contributions, and 8% from the sale of supplies and materials.

Q: Where do the funds go?

A: Of every dollar donated to L2L, 86.6% goes to program services (convention, communication, mailings, workshops, scholarship work, computer support and materials). 7.2 % percent goes to administration, and 6.2% goes to accounting/fundraising.

Q: Are congregations given annual reports?

A: Yes. Each year an annual report is given at convention and is also available for download on our online store.

Q: Does a congregation have to do all the events?

A: No. While we have almost 50 events available for participation, your local church leadership decides the events best for your church needs. No church uses our events in the same way.

Q: How do we deal with winning and losing as parents?

A: The majority of L2L events are non-competitive (70%). However, over 50 years of results from L2L convention events speak for themself. The L2L convention events hone skills and instill a level of confidence that benefits participants for a lifetime, whether leading in worship service or interviewing for a job. Winning and losing is a part of our world, and it cannot be removed from this life. Children, by their very nature, are competitive. Siblings are competitive. Children even invent competitive games after church in the parking lot. For years, churches have recognized this natural spirit and used it to promote VBS attendance, scripture memorization in Bible classes, Bible bowls and other good works. This friendly Christian competition is not harmful. Instead, it encourages and motivates youth.

Learning to deal with winning and losing in life is an essential element of REAL leadership training. The attitude that Christianity cannot include competition is setting up people for major disappointment and discouragement. It is inevitable that at some point in life, there will be a greatly desired role in the church that is given to someone else. The person who has been taught that there is no selection in the church will most likely be unequipped to handle that reality. This only gets out of hand when people are not taught how to deal with either winning or losing. We must teach our youth how to handle the grown-up dilemmas of NOT getting the job, NOT getting the girl/boy, etc. We must teach them coping mechanisms for these disappointments.

Q: Must I attend the convention to participate?

A: No. A person can register as a non-attending participant and receive year-round award recognition. However, when participants do not attend convention, they miss out on priceless experiences.

Q: What translation of the Bible does L2L endorse?

A: Each congregation is autonomous. The version used in the local congregation is under the oversight of the local eldership. Readings at L2L events should be from a standard translation, not a paraphrase. Bible Bowl materials are worded from the New King James version.

Q: Do you have materials for homeschool or young children?

A: Yes. Our grade K-5 grade material, Junior Leader 1, 2, and 3 are available from the National Service Center and in our online store by clicking here

Q: Does my family have to attend a congregation that has the L2L program in order to attend the national convention?

A: No. We have families who attend on their own because they may have moved to an area that does not have a L2L program. However, we would like to contact your home congregation and provide information to the elders so that others might be able to participate, as well. We can also provide you with a list of churches near you that have an active L2L program in which you may be able to participate. L2L is designed to be a program used by churches of Christ under the oversight of each local eldership.

Q: We only have one young man or young lady who wants to participate in debate. Can we team up this person with someone from another congregation?

A: Yes but call us so that we can register the team together before registration closes. We have added the ability for one young man/young woman to be a single debater if no other person is available to be their partner.

Q: We want our youth to participate in events like speech, song leading, debate, and puppets, but we don’t have anyone at our congregation with the expertise to teach them. Do you have any resources that will help us teach them?

A: Yes, the Field Book of Leadership and the Speech & Debate book will provide you with the “know-how” to teach these valuable skills at your congregation. This material is created for use in the classroom or on an individual basis. We also have training videos that you can locate here.

Q: Where can I find the rules for a specific event?

A: The convention event rulebook which has all event rules can be downloaded here. 

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