Scholarship Application

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Are you planning on attending convention this year?
As an adult, I plan to be involved in at least one of the following ways (check all that apply):
Have you received scholarship money from other sources?
PLEASE NOTE: If scholarships are received from different sources for the same university, consult with your university admissions counselor to verify that they will honor the specific multiple scholarships. Often, universities have limits on amounts or do not "stack" multiple scholarships. Choices may have to be made as to which scholarships to accept, depending on policies.
Have you received L2L scholarships in previous years?



First Preference of Christian University
L2L encourages all students to pursue a Christian education. Each student should decide which school to attend based on personal preference and the advice of parents and church leaders.
Second Preference of Christian University
L2L may only submit scholarship applications to up to two universities. Select your second choice here, if desired.


Final Verification of Requirements Listed Below
In addition to completing and submitting this form, please email the following items directly to Kayla Martin at 1) A list of events and awards received through your years in L2L. 2. A List of group projects that you either organized or participated in over the years (I.e. mission trips, banquets, disaster relief, etc.) 3. Reference Letters (two are required), if they are not being submitted directly by the references. This application must be complete in order to be considered. A complete application includes the submission of this form, as well as the items listed above.
National Leadership Team
Scholarship recipients agree to serve on the National Leadership Team, be an L2L Ambassador at their respective universities, serve on the collegiate staff, and work at the annual conventions while attending college. Academics are important, but this is not solely an academic scholarship. In accepting this scholarship, the student agrees to assume responsibility for registering and paying for any convention-related fees and expenses. Attendance is necessary to retain the scholarship. Submitting this application, with the students and parents names entered below as electronic signatures, indicates that you understand and agree to the nature and terms of any scholarship which may be awarded as described above and within the application.
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