The L2L Scholarship is an award of financial aid designed to help students who participate in the program further their education at Christian universities. Scholarships are provided by the universities to students upon the recommendation of the L2L scholarship committee. The amounts of the scholarships vary and are decided by the universities.

Academics are important, but this is not solely an academic scholarship. Many other factors, including the number of years involved in the program, leadership service within the church, school and community, and special awards and achievements, are considered before scholarships are awarded. Students who receive L2L scholarships serve on the National Leadership Team, are L2L ambassadors at their universities, serve on the collegiate staff and work at the annual conventions while attending college.

Scholarship applications must be submitted to the National Service Center by
February 1st of each year.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship applications are accepted from students planning to enroll at a university for the upcoming academic year (2023-2024). The deadline for submission is February 1, 2024.

In addition to completing and submitting the form below, please email the following items directly to Kayla Martin:

  • List of events and awards received through your years in L2L

  • When compiling the list of events to include with the application, please use the format shown in this example.

  • List of group projects that you either organized or participated in over the years (i.e., mission trips, banquets, disaster relief, etc.)

  • Reference letters (two are required), if they are not being submitted directly by the references

  • For those applying to Brown Trail School of Preaching, please also send an essay about how your participation in L2L has benefited your life.

Please have all information that you will need before you start completing this form. You will not be able to save the form and come back another time to complete it. You will need to enter all information and submit the application in one visit. This application must be complete in order to be considered. A complete application includes the submission of the form linked below, as well as the items listed above.

Scholarship recipients agree to serve on the National Leadership Team, be an L2L Ambassador at their respective universities, serve on the collegiate staff, and work at the annual conventions while attending college. Academics are important, but this is not solely an academic scholarship. In accepting this scholarship, the student agrees to assume responsibility for registering and paying for any convention-related fees and expenses. Attendance is necessary to retain the scholarship. Submitting this application, with the students and parent’s names entered as electronic signatures, indicates that you understand and agree to the nature and terms of any scholarship which may be awarded as described above and within the application.

Participating Universities and Schools of Preaching

  • Brown Trail School of Preaching
    • For more information about Brown Trail and the scholarship, please click here.

  • Faulkner University
    • Faulkner University offers L2L scholarships in varying amounts beginning in the 11th grade. Qualifying students will be awarded scholarships after completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as February.

      • Students will be awarded L2L scholarships at Faulkner on a points-based system, evaluating the number of years they have participated in L2L and the number of Bible-oriented events in which they participated. The other scholarships for which they are eligible will be taken into consideration as Faulkner compiles the total scholarship package. Each student will be recognized on stage for having obtained the L2L scholarship, but amounts will not be listed on the award. The admissions office and financial aid office will contact the student regarding the total scholarship package.

      • As part of the requirements for receiving a L2L scholarship at Faulkner University, the student will be required to work two hours per week (at a time convenient for the student) for the four weeks prior to Convention. The student could possibly be called in to work for special projects at other times of the year.

  • Freed-Hardeman University
    • The Office of Financial Aid receives the list of possible recipients from L2L headquarters usually in the spring semester of the students that have completed the L2L Scholarship application and have listed FHU as a top choice of college. The university will award the scholarship and notify the student of the award when they receive his/her financial aid award package. Financial aid award packages are sent out once the FAFSA is filed online at Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and it will be renewed at the end of every spring semester. Recipients must be enrolled full-time. Cannot be combined with athletic scholarship.

    • Lads2Leaders scholarships are not stackable with Trustees’, Test-Optional Merit, or Athletic Scholarships. 

  • Harding University
    • Harding University has announced more scholarships are now available for L2L students based on participation years and the degree of difficulty of the events.

  • Heritage Christian University
  • Oklahoma Christian University

Things to know before applying for a L2L Scholarship:

Start early (if possible as early as 6th grade) to keep a good record of the events you enter and place in each year at Convention. Note that it is up to the local congregations to maintain records of the events in which their students participate. L2L is not able to provide a list of events and/or awards for students from past years.

Become familiar with the requirements of the school in which you are interested. Please understand that we will only submit your application to two universities if you request that to be done. Otherwise, your application will only be submitted to your first choice. We limit submission to only TWO universities. If you do change your mind about attending a university after accepting a scholarship, make sure your assigned admissions counselor at that university is aware of that, so that they can redistribute that scholarship to someone else.

L2L scholarships are not personal property. It is not possible to put them on hold. If you accept a scholarship and then do not enroll as a freshman, you have forfeited your entire scholarship at that university. If you do enroll, but after a year or two decide to quit for a while, you will lose your L2L scholarship. You cannot transfer scholarships to other universities or transfer them to other people.

Universities do not accept applications from already enrolled college students or graduate students for L2L scholarships.

A valid email address must be included on the application so that we can confirm that the application has been received and is being processed. All application receipt notifications are sent via email, so if you do not include an email address you will not receive notification that your application has been received. If you do not receive notification within two weeks of submission, please email or call 334-215-0251.

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