How to Get Started

Ready to start building godly leaders? Here's how you can begin a L2L program at your congregation:

  1. Call or email for your introductory material.

  2. Set a date and time for an introductory meeting with an L2L representative and your church’s leadership.

  3. Hold a workshop and a planning session at your congregation.

  4. Fill out a new group registration form and send it to the National Service Center.

  5. Hold a kick-off to sign up your youth and adults for events. Click here for adult goal setting sheets and adult event signup sheets, and student year-round goal setting sheets, student convention/pre-convention goal setting sheets, and student event signup sheets.

It is important to remember when considering using L2L in congregations that it is NOT a youth program. Rather, in order to have success in training youth, it needs to be a congregational program. It takes loving, faithful, spiritual adults to properly train youth to serve the Lord. It took Paul to train Timothy, and it will take dedicated individuals in your congregation to train your youth!

L2L offers materials, events and guidance, but we will not attempt to structure your program participation for you. The elders of your local congregation are responsible for guiding the congregation, and the L2L staff respects that biblical concept. Free materials are sent to any eldership that wishes to review them.


Workshops are perfect for new congregations looking to start an L2L program or participating congregations looking for a refresher course! A workshop is an in-depth presentation of L2L events and the necessary requirements to complete each one. It also includes a look at the history of the program and financial reports. Workshops are conducted free of charge by the Field Services team at L2L.

Free informational meetings are also offered to those congregations that want more information about L2L. An informational meeting is simply a discussion between an L2L staff member and the leadership at the congregation. To schedule a workshop, email us to set up a date.

L2L Academy

Several times each year, area congregations and universities sponsor L2L Academies. An L2L Academy is training for the adult leaders in specific areas, such as: Song Leading, Debate, Puppets, Bible Bowl, and Kickoffs and Banquets. During each Lads Academy there is an introduction to L2L session for any interested congregations.