2017 Bible Bowl: Esther, Ruth, Job - UPDATED: All involved with Bible Bowl should read this, please.

If you haven’t purchased your 2017 convention materials for Bible Bowl yet, visit our online store today to get them and give your students plenty of time to study and prepare for the test in mid-February. 

In preparation for the Bible Bowl Test and the Bible Bowl Team event at convention, note that there will be no questions from chapters 15-31 of Job.  Chapters 4-14 are the first rounds of speeches between Job and his friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar.  Chapters 15-31 are the second and thirds rounds of this “back-and-forth” between Job and his friends. Since a lot of this is similar within the discussions, we will only have questions from the “first round” in chapters 4-14. Only chapters 15-31 will be exempted from the test and team event. We still encourage the students to study these chapters to get the full scope of the book of Job. To summarize, questions for the test and convention will come from all of Ruth and Esther, as well as chapters 1-14 and 32-42 of Job.